TCNJ Mallorca

Hey, Wiki Visitor! Please add content to this wiki to help your colleagues in the TCNJ program! It is currently a very, very lonely wiki, as new entries are very rare. Add even one thing; you'll feel you have contributed something. Gracias!


This Wiki is meant to collect our recommendations and helpful tips for TCNJ students who come to this sun-kissed isle they call "Mallorca".

If you are new to the program, check out the categories at left or below for some helpful tips. Then click "Join this Wiki" so you can add your own ideas and take advantage of other Wiki features, including discussions. This Wiki should get better every year -- and this won't happen without your ideas.

If you are an old hand at Mallorca, please see if you can add one or more helpful bits of information to each of the categories. Think how helpful it would have been if this had existed when you arrived! Go to a page, then click EDIT at upper right to add information. (It is a public wiki -- I don't think you need to join it to make changes, but if so, please do join.)

Finally, this Wiki is "managed" -- which means letting people join now and then -- by Adam Steinberg, who attended the summer program in 2008 and 2009. As he must now turn his attention to other things, he would be very pleased if someone would take over the wiki for a couple of years and promote it among current students. Please send him (OK, me) an email if you are willing. Thanks!

  • Important: If two people are editing a page at the same time, the last changes to be saved will erase earlier changes. Therefore, check your work carefully before saving, and always check your changes some time later to make sure they were saved. It is best to save a copy of the text you are adding so it is easy to add again later if it disappears accidentally.
  • Try to keep content organized in a usable order. Use the styles available in the Editor bar to create headlines and subject categories.
  • Use tables of contents if necessary (and if you know how to place anchors).
  • Please add a wiki category if none of those below apply -- but only after really thinking about whether another category is needed. Most things should fit in the categories provided.
  • Remember that most students will live (or can navigate from) either EAST or WEST of Bellver College, all on the #3 bus line. Some are in Cala Major, some in San Augustin, some in Porto Pi, etc.. In giving directions, it wouldn't hurt to identify locations using this sort of helpful information.


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