Where to eat, where not to eat


  1. The Hostel La Mimosa has large meals at really reasonable prices. It's in San Augustin, about 20 min. walk west from school. Calle Suecia No 5, San Agustin 07015. Also not a bad place to stay: Check out Where to Stay.
  2. Cesar's place, just west of school, has a limited menu but very good and reasonably priced lunches.


  1. INDIAN: Excellent Indian cuisine can be had at Ghandi, west of the school in Cala Major (Av. Joan Miro 322). Although a little shabbier than its slightly more expensive competition across the street, Nawaab, Ghandi (set nicely up and away from the noisy street) is (according to a TCNJ student from India) more authentic to India -- I must agree the food was superior when I ate there. Nawaab's food is very good, however, and the ocean view is really nice. Note Ghandi is closed from 3:30-7 PM daily, I believe. 971 405 212. Open until midnight.
  2. ITALIAN - Add your info here
  3. PAELLA - Llemar in Ses Illetes has great paella with a wide variety of options.
  4. TAPAS - Add your info here
  5. THAI - The Thai place near school, Maothai (Av. J. Miro, 244; telephone 971 70 30 43)) is really good, though the portions seem a little small to this Chicago native. For several years, on the arrangement of a TCNJ student who was "close" to the owners, they gave TCNJ students a 15% discount, and this is still advertised around school even though last time we ate there (July 09) we were not given such a discount (even though the waitress insisted we should have got it, the computer didn't "allow" it). At other times it seems the owner has given a free bottle of water or something to each TCNJ person. Long story short: Make sure you mention you're from TCNJ and ask if you can have the 15% discount. We add a lot of business to that place in the summer and they should be glad to have it.